Join BCA & BPA to Discuss & Endorse Local Measures & State Propositions, and the remaining local Candidates Wednesday, Sept. 16, 7pm on Zoom



Zoom video call: click here or type this into your browser: This link goes directly to the meeting.

Phone: Dial (669) 900-9128 on your landline or cell phone. When asked for a “Meeting ID,” enter 832 0655 7328 followed by pressing the # key. When asked for a “Participant ID,” simply press the # key again.         

Facebook Live: Visit Berkeley Citizen Action or Berkeley Progressive Alliance at 7PM. Click on the Live Video post near the top that says “Endorsement Forum”


Offered on Consent. 

GG. Tax on Transportation Network Company Trips (majority vote). Adds surcharge on rideshare trips (Uber,  Lyft), when trip originates in Berkeley. (50 cent for private trips, 25 cents for pooled trips).

HH. Utility Users Tax (majority vote). Exempts low income individuals in California Alternate Rates for Energy Program (CARE) or Family Electric Rate Assistance Program (FERA) from Berkeley’s utility users’ tax. Increases utility users’ tax on gas and electricity to create focused climate action fund.

II. Police Accountability Charter Amendment (majority vote). This measures is near and dear to BCA members hearts! This will establish an Independent Police Accountability Board with a director of police accountability, to effectively investigate alleged police misconduct and take action.

KK. Charter Amendment: Administrative Provisions and City Attorney (majority vote). Firefighters not required to live near Berkeley; City Attorney appointed by a vote of the Council, serving at the will of the Council, removed only by a vote of the Council, salary fixed by council; replaces gendered terms with non-gendered terms in city charter.

LL. GANN Limit Spending Authority (majority vote) Authorize Berkeley to continue spending funds collected from various taxes.

MM. Rent Stabilization Ordinance (majority vote) Prohibits eviction of residential tenants for nonpayment of rent during state or local emergency; requires new rental units and single-family homes and condominiums rented for more than 24 months to register with rent board and pay registration fees; adds ADUs in multi-unit properties (newly allowed by state law) to rent stabilization and eviction protections. Owner-occupied, single-family homes with no more than one ADU remain exempt from rent control. 

We will discuss these Berkeley Measures: 

FF. Fire, Emergency Services and Wildfire Prevention Tax (2/3 vote). Increases property taxes to pay for firefighting, emergency medical response, wildfire prevention.

JJ.  Charter Amendment: Mayor and Council Compensation (majority vote). Increases mayor’s compensation to Alameda County median income and council’s compensation to very low-income households, respectively. These wages will be reduced if city employee salaries are reduced due to an economic downturn.  

Alameda County Measure W: Half-cent Sales Tax increase to compensate for falling revenue during pandemic (majority vote). A representative from Supervisor Carson’s office will be present to answer questions about this measure. 

State Propositions 
We recommend the following positions On Consent: 

YES   14. Stem Cell Research Bond. Issues $5.5 billion in bonds; continues funding of California Institute for Regenerative Medicine created in 2004 by a ballot measure. Supports Cancer and Diabetes Research. 

YES   15. Schools and Communities First: Amends Prop 13, restores $12 billion a year for schools and local government. Commercial and industrial properties taxed based on market value. Dedicates revenue. No tax increase on small businesses with less than $3 million in property. Broad Support.

YES   16. Restores Affirmative Action. Repeals Prop 209, which says state cannot discriminate or grant preferential treatment based on race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in public employment, education, or government contracting. Broad Support from legislators, Unions, NAACP.

YES   17. Allows voting while on parole. Citizens convicted of felonies but on parole regain the right to vote when released from prison. Supported by Kamala Harris, Rob Bonta, ACLU & Calif. LVW

YES   18. Allows 17-year-olds to vote in primaries and special elections if they will be 18 at the time of the next general election. Currently permitted in 18 states and District of Columbia.

NO   20. Increased Penalties for Theft and Other Crimes. Mandates longer sentences for theft. Increases crimes ineligible for parole or early release. Allows law enforcement to collect DNA from individuals convicted of a misdemeanor. ACLU & SEIU oppose, correctional officers support.

YES   21.  Allows cities to expand rent control to buildings at least 15 years old, as well as single family homes and condos. Exempts landlords who only own 1 or 2 houses/condos. Allows limited vacancy control: new tenant cannot be charged more than 15% more than previous tenant. Broad support, including Bernie Sanders, ACCE. Opposing: Calif Rental Housing Assn.

NO   22. Classifies App Drivers as Independent Contractors instead of Employees. Companies not required to pay minimum wage, social security, unemployment or other benefits. Sponsored by Uber, Lyft & Doordash, w/ war chest of $110 Million. Supported by Chambers of Commerce, Police Associations, State NAACP. Opposed by Biden, Harris, Warren, Unions.

YES 25. Cash Bail Referendum: Bans cash bail. Allows arrested persons to be released before trial without bail, if determined to be a low risk. Broad Support including Berkeley NAACP. Opposed by Chambers of Commerce including Asian Pacific, Black, Hispanic & Small Business chambers, Bail Bonds Associations, State NAACP.  

We will discuss these state propositions: 

19. Higher Property Taxes for Inherited Property unless heirs lives there or it is a farm; allows people over 55, severely disabled, or victim of a natural disaster to move to a new home and keep their existing low property tax. Net increase in taxes for fighting wildfires. Wide support, including Realtors Associations.

23. Requires Doctors at Kidney Dialysis Centers, and State Approval for Clinic Closure. Clinics must report data on dialysis-related infections, prohibits discrimination based on source of payment for treatment. Sponsored by SEIU-UHW West. Opposed by Calif. Medical Association, Calif. NAACP, dialysis companies.

24. Increased Online Data Privacy. Allows persons to opt out of types of data collection such as location. Requires opt- in to collect data on persons under 16. Limits what data can be stored, and provides increased penalties for security breaches. Supported by Common Sense. Opposed by ACLU, Media Alliance. 

Local Candidates on the Ballot
We recommend endorsing these candidates 

Congress, 13th District: Barbara Lee 
9th State Senate District: No endorsement
15th Assembly District: No endorsement 
Superior Court Judge, Office #2: Elena Condes 
BART Director, District 7: Lateefah Simon
AC Transit District Director, at-large: Chris Peeples
AC Transit District Director, Ward 1: Jovanka Beckles
AC Transit District Director, Ward 2: No endorsement.
East Bay Regional Park District Director, Ward 1: Norman LaForce
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