Endorsements for local offices by BCA and BPA

Following up on our Endorsement forum August 23, we have counted the votes and can now announce the winners. All of these candidates were soundly selected by our members in the first round of voting. Congratulations to our candidates! These candidates need financial support, campaign support, people to deliver literature and signs and make calls. Let’s Go!

Here are the Endorsed Candidates for Berkeley Mayor, City Council and School Noard

Mayor: Incumbent Jesse Arreguín (66.67%). Candidate Questionnaire      Website: www.Jesse.vote/

District 2 City Council: Incumbent Cheryl Davila (74.63%), Candidate Questionnaire    Website: cheryldavila.vote/

District 3 City Council: Incumbent Ben Bartlett (81.82%), Candidate QuestionnaireCandidate Statement  Website: benny.vote

District 5 City Council: Incumbent Sophie Hahn (77.94%). Candidate Questionnaire   Website: sophiehahn.com

District 6 City Council: Richard Illgen 74.63%, Candidate Questionnaire   Bio  Websiterichardforcitycouncil.org/

School Board: Ana Vasudeo (64.91%), Candidate Questionnaire. Website: anavasudeo.org/.

Runner up for School Board: Laura Babitt (57.89%). Website: laurababitt.com/; Candidate Questionnaire. (Please note both our organizations bylaws state that candidates must achieve 60% of the vote to be endorsed.)


Results of BCA-BPA Endorsement Vote  
Mayoral Candidates Percentage
Jesse Arreguín 66.67%
Wayne Hsiung 17.39%
Aidan Hill 8.70%
Naomi Pete 0.00%
No endorsement 7.25%
Valid ballots  
District 2 City Council Candidates  
Cheryl Davila 74.63%
Terry Taplin 19.40%
Alex Sharenko 0.00%
Timothy Carter 0.00%
No endorsement 5.97%
Valid ballots  
District 3 City Council Candidates  
Ben Bartlett 81.82%
Orlando Martinez 3.03%
Deborah Matthews 6.06%
No endorsement 9.09%
Valid ballots  
District 5 City Council Candidates  
Sophie Hahn 77.94%
Todd Andrew 4.41%
Darwin Picklesimer 4.41%
No endorsement 13.24%
District 6 City Council Candidates  
Susan Wengraf 11.94%
Richard Ilgen 74.63%
No endorsement 13.43%
School Board  
Ana Vasudeo 64.91%
Michael Chang 17.54%
Laura Babitt 57.89%
Esfandiar Imani 3.51%
Norma Harrison 8.77%
Jose Luis Bedolla 5.26%
No endorsement 12.28%
Total # valid ballots  



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