Bay Area Community Land Trust: helps create permanently affordable housing through cooperatively run land stewardship projects, by taking land and housing out of the speculative market and helping to stabilize our neighborhoods. BACLT’s Facebook Page
Berkeley Citizens Action Facebook Page: Share events and articles about issues of concern  to progressives in Berkeley.
Berkeley Daily Planet: an internet-based progressive news publication. Submit articles and opinion papers to them.
Berkeley Progressive Alliance Facebook page: local group which worked elect progressive candidates to local office and to develop and enact a progressive agenda for Berkeley
Berkeley Tenants Union: is dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of Berkeley renters through grassroots organizing, outreach, and policy advocacy. We believe housing is a human right and rent stabilization is Berkeley’s most effective affordable housing program. Works to empower and educate tenants to preserve their right to stable, quality housing.
Berkeley Times: An independent non-profit which publishes a bi-weekly print-only newspaper for Berkeleyans. Publishes the articles written by BCA Steering Committee member Negeene Mosaed and Elana Auerbach. $5 a month gets you mailed copies. Facebook page here
Common Cause California, working to reduce the influence of money in politics, gerrymandering and more
East Bay DSA:  join young people working for progressive issues and candidates
EVOLVE – working to change Prop
East Bay Housing Organizations, affordable housing advocacy coalition
Ecology Center
Friends of Adeline
Indivisible, a  grassroots organization focused on stopping the Trump administration’s policies
IndyBay Events Calendar
Kyoto USA:
Move to Amend
Sierra Club, Northern Alameda County Group
Spacecats Voter Guide
Sunflower Alliance Events Calendar
Sustainable Berkeley Coalition
TransForm, working to assure best transit choices
Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club

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  1. hi, i came on the website because i think my membership dues are due, but i didn’t find a donate button, fyi. — phoebe

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