Green Electricity Forum Saturday May 4 at 11 am

Green Electricity Forum Saturday May 4th at 11 am
South Berkeley Senior Center
2939 Ellis Street, at Ashby

Learn how residents are getting cleaner electricity, lower rates and community benefits from East Bay Community Energy, the East Bay’s new source for carbon-free and renewable Electric Power. Your bill still comes from PG&E but your electricity now comes from greener, cleaner sources.

Learn why the East Bay has switched to East Bay Community Energy, what’s different, what support is available to low income residents, including how to sign up for CARE and FERA discount programs that help eligible customers pay their energy bills, how to opt up to greener service, and how to electrify your home. Refreshments provided.

Community Meeting co-hosted councilmembers Kate Harrison and Ben Bartlett with Berkeley Citizens Action.
Upcoming Meetings & Actions

Protect the un-housed: Thursday, April 25 at 3 pm, Sports Basement at 2727 Milvia St. Gathering of organizations of neighborhoods, RV dwellers, homeless community members & others to figure out proactive strategies against the harassment and repression of the unhoused. Sponsored by Friends of Adeline.

Berkeley NAACP Mother’s Day Tea Party Fundraiser: Saturday, May 11th at the Black Repertory Theater, 3201 Adeline Street, Berkeley. Tickets $35. Tell You Mother, Sister, Daughter and Significant Other(s). Most of All, Bring Yourself. Please buy ticket(s) early to secure a seat or table. Purchase Tickets Online at or stop by Inter-City Services, 3269 Adeline Street.

Opposition to city’s plan to use Legal Assistance to Seniors (LAS) as part of its “Age Friendly Berkeley” Action Plan: City Council Meeting, Tuesday, May 14, 6 pm: The Coalition for Elder and Disability Rights (CEDAR) has identified serious allegations of abuse from different sources and documented instances of conservators and lawyers from LAS violating conservatees rights to visitation, stripping financial assets and freedom from seniors competent to manage their own financial affairs, and violating Probate Code requirements to impose conservatorship only if it is the “least restrictive means” to protect conservatees. Community members spurred by Berkeley resident Mary Behm Steinberg wrote a letter, which will be in the Council Packet for the Apr 30 meeting. Please join us. Contact for more info.

Berkeley Tenants Union General Membership Meeting: Monday, June 3rd at 6pm, Sports Basement at 2727 Milvia St. For more information see their Facebook page:

10 Ways to Reduce Use of Plastics
In Berkeley we don’t like plastic bags, foam takeout containers, single-use food containers and straws. But there is still more to do to reduce use of plastics. Here are some ideas adapted from an article at EcoWatch. Which ones do you do?
1. Bring your own shopping bags
2. Carry reusable utensils (straw, fork & spoon, bowl or plate) for take-out and potlucks
3. Bring your own to-go mug to the coffee shop, smoothie shop or takeout
4. Skip takeout: Pack your own lunch in reusable containers
5. Bring your own containers when buying grains, nuts and such in bulk, (get your container weighed before filling)
6. Save and reuse containers (plastic, glass jars or metal) for glasses, packing leftovers and storing stuff
7. Re-use produce bags; use lightweight cloth bags when buying and storing produce
8. Go digital! No need for plastic cds, dvds and jewel cases when you buy music and videos online
9. Recycle: if you must use plastic, choose #1 (PETE) or #2 (HDPE), which are more likely to be recycled. Avoid plastic bags and polystyrene foam.
10. Get political: Volunteer at a beach cleanup, Support recycling bills and bans of plastics. Spread the word: talk to your family and friends about why it is important to reduce plastic in our lives.

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