June Primary Election 2022: Summary of Endorsements/Recommendations

Progressive Recommendations for the June Ballot  —  Ballots Due June 7th

Have you filled out your ballot? BCA did NOT do endorsements for this year’s primary. Instead, we are sharing the endorsements and recommendations from the following sources. At the end of this email, you can find information about these sources. 

  • Alameda County Democratic Party
  • Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
  • Berkeley Progressive Alliance
  • Alameda County Greens
  • Oakland Space Cat Voters
  • Margot Smith
  • Sheila Jordan

Statewide and Alameda County Dems have endorsed along Democratic party lines. Margot’s recommendations are Democratic Party endorsements.  For most of the state and federal offices, the Peace and Freedom and Green Parties have created a Left Unity Slate. In this email, Left Unity candidates are denoted with a star (*) after their name.

The Green Voter Guide and Oakland Space Cats note that Federal and some Statewide offices are fairly securely in the hands of Democrat Incumbents. However, please note the Secretary of State, State Controller and State Attorney General races are NOT held by incumbents. These are critical offices which must not go to a Republican! Your votes count.

Local races are especially important. Voter turn-out is generally low in Primary Elections, fewer people are making these important decisions. For District Attorney and Sheriff’s races, the election could be decided June 7th. If a candidate gets 50% +1 of the vote, that candidate alone moves to the November general election. We need your vote.

Here is a summary of the recommendations  we found:

Federal Offices

U.S. Senator, both “On Ballot and Partial/Unexpired Term”: The US Senate seat is on the ballot twice: Alex Padilla was appointed to Kamala Harris’s term when she became Vice President, so he must be elected by the voters to complete his current term. And, voters must choose who will get the second term. Padilla previously was twice elected Secretary of State. Democrats have endorsed Incumbent Senator Alex Padilla; Margot Smith will also vote for him. Alameda County Greens  and Oakland Space Cats recommend the Left Unity candidate John Thompson Parker*.

U.S. Representative, District 12: Democrats endorse Barbara Lee. Margot Smith will vote for her. Greens gives the nod to Glen Kaplan, “with reservations” which you can read about in the Green Voter Guide. 

Statewide Races

Governor: Statewide and AC Democrats, and Oakland Space Cat Voters as well as Margot Smith support Incumbent Gavin Newsom. The Irreverent Space Cats Voter Guide gives Newsom the thumbs up with their “Gold Plated Turd” award, saying Newsom assured passage of “Statewide Rent Control, and negotiated with the legislature to reduce the allowable rent increase, adding “if meh, then Luis Javier Rodriguez.” 

Luis Javier Rodriguez* is the candidate endorsed by Pace and Freedom and the Greens. Rodriguez is a Green Party member and a major figure in contemporary Chicano literature, as well as a community & urban peace activist.

Lieutenant GovernorDems endorse incumbent Eleni Kounalakis, the first woman elected Lt. Governor of California, as does Margot Smith.  Greens, Peace & Freedom and Oakland Space Cat Voters recommend Mohammad Arif*, an immigrant legal advocate and chair of the Kern County Peace and Freedom party.

Secretary of State: Shirley Nash Weber, the first Black state constitutional officer in California’s 170-year history, was nominated by Newsom and sworn in 2021. Dems and Margot Smith recommend her. Sacramento area teacher and Green Party member Gary N. Blenner*, is recommended by The Greens, Peace & Freedom and Oakland Space Cats.

Controller: Malia Cohen, elected to the State Board of Equalization in 2018, its current chair, and the first African American woman on the Board, is now running for State Controller, since current controller Betty Yee is terming out. Dems endorse Malia Cohen, as does Margot Smith. The Greens, Peace & Freedom and Oakland Space Cats recommend long term Green Party member Laura Wells*.

TreasurerFiona Ma is running for her second term as State Treasurer. She is the first woman of color and the first woman Certified Public Accountant (CPA) elected to the position. Dems and Margot Smith endorse her. The Greens, Peace & Freedom and Space Cats endorse Peace and Freedom Party member Meghann Adams*.

Attorney General: Although Dems have held the office of attorney general since 1999, the LA Times calls this race, “The most contentious and closely watched California election in 2022.” Rob Bonta was appointed AG in 2021, after serving as Assembly member for District 18 (Oakland, Alameda and  San Leandro) since 2012. He was the first person of Filipino descent to serve in the Assembly and AG office. Dems, Oakland Space Cats and Margot Smith endorse Bonta. Space Cats Voter Guide says “Bob was the first and continually strongest voice in the state legislature for expanding rent control.” Greens and Peace & Freedom endorse Green Dan Kapelovitz*.

Insurance Commissioner: Incumbent Ricardo Lara is running for re-election. He is endorsed by Dems and Margot Smith. Socialist Nathalie Hrizi*, a SF area organizer, is endorsed by the Greens, Peace & Freedom and Space Cats as well as the Party of Socialism and Liberation.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Incumbent Tony Thurmond, who was narrowly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2018, spent decades working for non-profits serving youth, and is a former Assembly member for District 14, school board member and council member. He is endorsed by Democratic parties and supported by Margot Smith. Alameda County Greens and Oakland Space Cats endorse Marco Amaral, a San Diego area special ed teacher, school board member and teachers union president.

Board of Equalization, District 2: Sally Lieber, a Mountain View City Councilwoman (and former mayor), and former assembly member for the 22nd District, is running for the position currently held by Malia Cohen, the 2022 Democrat candidate for Controller. Dems and Margot Smith are for Lieber, and the AC Greens says Lieber is  preferred, but not endorsed for this race.

Superior Court Judges

There are three county court commissioners running uncontested for full judgeships on the Alameda County Superior Court. All three judges are highly experienced. 

Office #1:  Tamiza Hockenhull, a woman of color who was born, raised and educated in Alameda County, is running unopposed for an open seat. She is endorsed by AC Dems, AC Greens and Oakland Space Cats, as well as Margot Smith. 

Office #12: Pelayo Llamas is now running unopposed, after the incumbent withdrew his bid for reelection. An 30-year Oakland resident, Llamas is the son of first-generation immigrants, who worked his way through college and law school. He is also endorsed by AC Dems, AC Greens and Oakland Space Cats, as well as Margot Smith. 

Office #21: Michael Bishay, who specializes in family law, is also now running unopposed, after the incumbent withdrew her bid for reelection. He is endorsed by AC Dems andMargot smith. Bishay didn’t submit a questionnaire to AC Greens, so they did not endorse him. Oakland Space Cats declined to endorse.

County Races

Superintendent of Schools: Alysse Castro, executive director of county schools in San Francisco, is running against incumbent L.K. Monroe. Castro is endorsed by Wellstone Democratic Club, AC Greens and Oakland Space Cat Voters. Margot Smith supports her, as does former Superintendent of Schools Sheila Jordan, who says Castro, “who is running for my old seat as a progressive, is supported by labor CTA and CFT. AC Dems made no endorsement for this race.

School Board, Area 7 (East County):  Cheryl Cook-Kallio, 40-year veteran public school teacher, and former Pleasanton council member is endorsed by AC Dems. AC Greens didn’t endorse her but says don’t vote for Dillie or Dao.

Supervisor, District 2: Incumbent Richard Valle was born and raised in this district (Hayward, Union City, Newark, Fremont). He is President/CEO of Tri-CED Community Recycling, a non-profit recycling company. He is endorsed by AC Dems. AC Greens made no endorsement, please see write-up.

Supervisor, District 3:  Rebecca Kaplan is  currently a council member and Vice Mayor of Oakland. She is running for the open seat that held by Wilma Chan until Chan’s untimely death in Nov 2021. Chan’s chief of staff, Dan Brown, was appointed to replace her, but hasn’t lived in D3 long enough to run for election. Kaplan is endorsed by AC Dems, Wellstone, Oakland Space Cat Voters and AC Greens (with reservations). 

Assessor: Phong La is the unopposed incumbent. He was endorsed by AC Dems and is supported by Margot Smith. AC Greens made no endorsement.

Auditor-Controller/Clerk-Recorder: Melissa Wilk is the unopposed incumbent. She was endorsed by AC Dems and is supported by Margot Smith. AC Greens made no endorsement.

District Attorney: Pamela Price  has a very strong legal background and commitment to civil rights, and supports bail reform. She is endorsed by the Wellstone Democratic Club, Oakland Space Cat Voters, Berkeley Progressive Alliance, AC Greens (with reservations) and also recommended by Margot Smith. Sheila Jordan recommends Seth Seward. AC Dems did not make an endorsement in this race.

Sheriff/Coroner: This is the first competitive election for Sheriff in more than three decades. Incumbent Greg Ahern seeks his 5th term, challenged by two highly qualified law endorsement professionals, both women of color, who think Alameda county voters are ready for a change.

Yesenia Sanchez, who is in charge of Santa Rita, is endorsed by AC Dems and AC Greens. Wellstone Dems made a dual endorsement for Sanchez and Walker. 

Joann Walker, a veteran SF police officer, has the support of Berkeley Progressive Alliance, Margot Smith and Oakland Space Cat Voters, who says “it’s a big deal if Walker beats Greg Ahern, and as long as Ahern doesn’t get 50% of the vote in the primary, the top two voter getters will go onto the general election in November.

Treasurer/Tax Collector: Incumbent Henry Levy is running unopposed. is endorsed by AC Dems, and Margot Smith will vote for him. AC Greens decline to endorse.


Oakland Measure C — Extends a 1994 Library Parcel Tax. Oakland Space Cat Voters endorsed with with standard parcel tax reservations.


Where to Vote:

Drop in a mail box, ballot must be postmarked by June 7th. You may want to walk into a post office and ask them to hand cancel your ballot. No Stamps Needed.

Drop off at a Ballot Drop Box, Open 24 hours

  • Berkeley Civic City Center, 2180 Milvia St,
  • UC Berkeley, between Sather Gate and Architects & Engineers Building
  • Frances A. Recreation Center, 2800 Park St,
  • Claremont Branch Public Library, 2940 Benvenue Ave.
  • North Branch Public Library, 1170 The Alameda
  • West Branch Berkeley Public Library, 1125 University Ave

Go to the Berkeley VOTE CENTER, at 1011 University Ave. Hours: May 28th to June 6th, 9am to 5p; June 7th (Election Day) 7am to 8pm  Voters who live in Alameda County can go there to vote in-person, drop off a Vote by Mail Ballot, get help, or register to vote and vote in the same day.

Deliver your ballot, get a ballot, register to vote or get help at one of these 9 Accessible Voting Locations in Berkeley. Hours: June 4th – June 6th, 9 am to 5 pm and Election Day, June 7th, 7 am to 8 pm

  • Berkeley High Gym, 1980 Allston Way
  • Ed Roberts Campus, 3075 Adeline St
  • Life Adventist Church, 2236 Parker St
  • Shepard of the Hills Lutheran Church, 4012 Grizzly Peak
  • Epworth United Methodist Church, 1953 Hopkins St
  • Longfellow School Gym, 1522 Ward St
  • Berkeley Adult School, 1701 San Pablo Ave
  • Willard Middle School, 2425 Stuart St.

 Sources for our research: We looked at the following organizations and individuals endorsements and recommendations for the June Ballot:

The Alameda County Democratic Party coordinates the party’s activities throughout the county, making endorsements, organizing events and directs resources to support local, state and national candidates. www.http://acdems.org

Alameda County Green Voter Guide: The Green Party of Alameda County with over 6,900 registered members has been active for more than 20 years. They publish a carefully researched analysis of candidates and issues. See the current guide herehttps://acgreens.files.wordpress.com/2022/05/gpac-vg-06-22-web-1.pdf

Berkeley Progressive Alliance includes East Bay organizations, coalitions, labor, and elected leaders. Its purpose is to promote progressive legislation, policy, and political agendas within the City of Berkeley. email: info@berkeleyprogressivealliance.org

The Guild Of Oakland Space Cat Voters says they want to help us all make less bad voting decisions. They are artists and activists who review and discuss candidates and issues, look at other endorsements, then produce an irreverent digital and print Voter Guide aimed at younger voters.  https://twitter.com/spacecatvoters

Margot Smith is a retired social scientist. She was convener of the Berkeley Gray Panthers, a founder and current steering committee member of Berkeley Progressive Alliance, and a member of Berkeley Citizens Action’s Steering Committee and the Wellstone Club. During election seasons, she shares “How Margot is Voting” to her large email list. email: margots999@aol.com

The Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club is composed of East Bay progressive individuals working together to advance an agenda of economic, racial, and social justice; environmental sustainability; and peace. They endorse and help to elect candidates who will represent these values in public office. www.wellstoneclub.org

Election Notes from the Ella Baker Center:

In California, you can legally register to vote up to the day of the election, meaning you can register on June 7, 2022, at your polling location and get an absentee ballot. Voters have until 8 PM on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, to vote in the June Primary Election.

You can also vote if you are formerly or currently incarcerated, even if you are on parole or probation.  As long as you are not currently serving time in a prison and already sentenced for a conviction – you can vote in California! This includes individuals in county jails.

Click here to Track your Ballot, so you know it was received and counted.

2 Comments on “June Primary Election 2022: Summary of Endorsements/Recommendations

  1. Can you explain the status of the Berkeley Rent Board elections? Who are the candidates. Why do I need to vote by July 15th? Where can I find a complete list of candidates?
    Thanks, Jacob Picheny

    • The convention that is happening now and the election that will follow thru July 17 is to choose a pro-tenant slate that will run for the November election. Folks are asking questions to get an idea of which candidates will be most effective to run a campaign, and best represent tenants on the rent board.
      After the slate is selected, the orgs that sponsor the convention will support the slate mount an effective campaign, raise funds and get the word out. There are always landlord supported candidates for the rent board as well, some landlord focused candidates have already filled out campaign paperwork with the city. The Progressive, Pro-Tenant Slate will file after they are endorsed.
      if you want more info, please feel free to call BCA Google Voice line: 510-982-6528 or Berkeley Tenants Union

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