BCA Endorsement Results

BCA Endorsements 2014

November 2014 Election Endorsements: These Endorsements were made at the Election Forum held September 21st by the BCA membership. Thank you to all who came out to discuss the issues and make the decision on candidates, measures and propositions which best met our values as Berkeley progressives. Please support these candidates and measures.

Congress, CD 13:               Barbara Lee

State Assembly, AD 15:    Tony Thurmond

City Candidates

Auditor:                            Ann Marie Hogan

City Council District 1:      Alejandro Soto-Vigil

City Council District 4:      Jesse Arreguín

City Council District 7:      Kriss Worthington

City Council District 8:      Jacquelyn McCormick

Rent Board Slate:              Jesse Townley, Kathy Harr, John Selawsky, Paola Laverde-Levine, James Chang

School Board Director:      Karen Hemphill, Ty Alper, Josh Daniels

City Measures

D-Berkeley Versus Big Soda (Soda Tax):          YES

F-Parks Tax:                                           YES

O-Recall Provisions:                                YES

P-End Corporate Personhood:                 YES

Q-OK to ask for Part-Time Work:             YES

R-Green Downtown:                                YES

S-Redistricting:                                       NO

Alameda County

Measure BB                                           YES

State Propositions

1 Water Bond:                                        No Endorsement

2 Rainy Day Fund:                                 No Endorsement

45 Health Care Insurance Regulation:  YES

46 Drug Testing of Doctors:                  NO

47 Safe Neighborhoods and Schools,

Reduce Non-Violent Crimes:            YES

48 Indian Gaming:                                 No Endorsement

1 Comment on “BCA Endorsement Results

  1. You are completely wrong on Measure R. Real environmentalists know the greenest thing we can do is build with density near transit. R will leave us with more empty storefronts and desolate streets by making appropriately sized housing economically unfeasible. You need people living downtown to support theater, retail, bars and restaurants and to keep “eyes on the street”. R is simply a NIMBY knee jerk reaction to the good things that are finally happening downtown after decades of decay. It has NOTHING to do with saving the post office which opponents of R also support. Try thinking instead of reacting and vote against R and support a vibrant downtown. That is the progressive position for the environment.

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