Housing for a Diverse, Equitable and Creative Berkeley: Proposing a Framework for Berkeley’s Affordable Housing

The Steering Committee of Berkeley Citizens Action urges City council to fully support the proposed social housing framework, particularly supporting the constructing or renovation of permanently affordable units for the lower-income residents of Berkeley. We are anxious to see more traditional non-profit housing, expanded protections for renters, purchase of small sites to be made into affordable housing, funding for tenant and community opportunities to purchase units, Co-Ops and Land Trusts, including live-work space for artists. Berkeley is suffering from a devastating lack of affordable housing, and social housing is the city’s best way to provide housing for lower-income people. Measures O, P and U1 provide funding so that Berkeley can build truly affordable housing.

Please adopt and fully implement the framework and accept any recommendations that strengthen it further. We need a Berkeley that everyone can call home, and building thousands of units of affordable housing is the way we can do that.

Click the link below to read the framework:


Click here to read a one pager on the framework


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