Recommendations for the June Ballot

BCA Steering Committee members met with other progressives and talked up the June Ballot  for Berkeley voters.  Here are their recommendations, along with links to Allies suggestions and other election information. Remember that Election Day is today, polls close at 8 pm.

Office                                                               Candidate Recommended
Governor                                                         Delaine Eastin
Lieutenant Governor                                        Gayle McLaughlin
Secretary of State                                            Ruben Major or Erik Ryberg
Controller                                                        Betty Yee
Treasurer                                                        Kevin Akin
Insurance Commissioner                                  Nathalie Hrizi
Attorney General                                             Dave Jones
State Board of Equalization                               No endorsement
Senator                                                            Kevin De Leon
Congresswoman                                               Barbara Lee
Assembly District 15                                       Jovanka Beckles  *

Superior Court Judge                                       Tara Flanagan
State Superintendant of Instruction                 Tony Thurmond
Board of Education                                           Joaquin Rivera
County Assessor                                              Phong La
County Auditor Controller                                Irella Blackwood
County District Attorney                                 Pamela Price     *

Sheriff/Coroner                                               write in “No Confidence”
      *Endorsed by BCA membership at February meeting   
State Propositions            

YES       Prop 68: $4B Bond for Parks, Drought Protection, Climate Adaption            

YES       Prop 69: Require Diesel Tax to Be Spent on Transportation

NO         Prop 70: Don’t Give Republicans & Corporate Dems Power on Cap’n’Trade $$       

YES       Prop 71: Delay Effective Date of Ballot Measures Until All Ballots Are Counted      

YES       Prop 72: Rainwater Systems Won’t Trigger Property Tax Assessments                      

Regional Measures             

YES   Regional Measure 3: Raise Bridge Tolls $3 Over 7 Years to Fund Transportation 
Kriss Worthington says: “RM3 has the highest percentage for transit of any omnibus transportation

funding in California EVER in history. Getting 16 percent for transit operations and billions for Transit is phenomenal! Supported by the AC Labor Council, Bike East Bay, Save the Bay, the League of Conservation Voters and all AC Transit Board members,” along with the SF League of Pissed-off Voters. Greens and the Guild of Space Cat Voters say “you decide.” We were convinced by Kriss.
Local Measures

YES       Measure A: Alameda County Child Care and Early Education Tax

Ballot Recommendations from Allies, use links below:

Guild of Oakland Space Cat Voters: BCA members Colin and Asa Dodsworth helped develop this guide.


Green Voter Guide: BCA steering committee member Phoebe Anne Sorgen helped develop this guide:


San Francisco League Of Pissed Off Voters:

Find Your Polling Place: Log on to My Voter Profile at


Ballot Drop Box: It takes 2 stamps to mail your ballot. You can drop your ballot at Berkeley’s 24 hour ballot box. Sign the back of your envelope! Open until 8 p.m. on tonight at City Hall, 2180 Milvia Street.

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