Recommendations for the June Ballot

BCA Steering Committee members met with other progressives and talked up the June Ballot  for Berkeley voters.  Here are their recommendations, along with links to Allies suggestions and other election information. Remember that Election Day is today, polls close at 8 pm.

Office                                                               Candidate Recommended
Governor                                                         Delaine Eastin
Lieutenant Governor                                        Gayle McLaughlin
Secretary of State                                            Ruben Major or Erik Ryberg
Controller                                                        Betty Yee
Treasurer                                                        Kevin Akin
Insurance Commissioner                                  Nathalie Hrizi
Attorney General                                             Dave Jones
State Board of Equalization                               No endorsement
Senator                                                            Kevin De Leon
Congresswoman                                               Barbara Lee
Assembly District 15                                       Jovanka Beckles  *

Superior Court Judge                                       Tara Flanagan
State Superintendant of Instruction                 Tony Thurmond
Board of Education                                           Joaquin Rivera
County Assessor                                              Phong La
County Auditor Controller                                Irella Blackwood
County District Attorney                                 Pamela Price     *

Sheriff/Coroner                                               write in “No Confidence”
      *Endorsed by BCA membership at February meeting   
State Propositions            

YES       Prop 68: $4B Bond for Parks, Drought Protection, Climate Adaption            

YES       Prop 69: Require Diesel Tax to Be Spent on Transportation

NO         Prop 70: Don’t Give Republicans & Corporate Dems Power on Cap’n’Trade $$       

YES       Prop 71: Delay Effective Date of Ballot Measures Until All Ballots Are Counted      

YES       Prop 72: Rainwater Systems Won’t Trigger Property Tax Assessments                      

Regional Measures             

YES   Regional Measure 3: Raise Bridge Tolls $3 Over 7 Years to Fund Transportation 
Kriss Worthington says: “RM3 has the highest percentage for transit of any omnibus transportation

funding in California EVER in history. Getting 16 percent for transit operations and billions for Transit is phenomenal! Supported by the AC Labor Council, Bike East Bay, Save the Bay, the League of Conservation Voters and all AC Transit Board members,” along with the SF League of Pissed-off Voters. Greens and the Guild of Space Cat Voters say “you decide.” We were convinced by Kriss.
Local Measures

YES       Measure A: Alameda County Child Care and Early Education Tax

Ballot Recommendations from Allies, use links below:

Guild of Oakland Space Cat Voters: BCA members Colin and Asa Dodsworth helped develop this guide.


Green Voter Guide: BCA steering committee member Phoebe Anne Sorgen helped develop this guide:


San Francisco League Of Pissed Off Voters:

Find Your Polling Place: Log on to My Voter Profile at


Ballot Drop Box: It takes 2 stamps to mail your ballot. You can drop your ballot at Berkeley’s 24 hour ballot box. Sign the back of your envelope! Open until 8 p.m. on tonight at City Hall, 2180 Milvia Street.

Results of Berkeley City Council and Auditor Endorsement Meeting

collage jpg onlineMore than 80 members of Berkeley Citizens Action and Berkeley Progressive Alliance met today the North Berkeley Senior Center Sunday afternoon to hear from candidates for City Auditor and City Council hopefuls for District 1, 4 and 8. Several candidates were not well known so it was a great opportunity to hear their statements and ask questions about their positions.

A big thank you to all who came out to hear the candidates and who volunteered to make the event happen: planners, candidates, supporters, MCs, ballot counters, photographer, the timekeeper and candidate greeter, and the crew who helped set up and take down the event. This event could not happen without you!

Endorsement results are listed below. Our organizations require 60% to endorse a candidate. Look for ideas in the coming weeks on how to support these candidates. Click on the links to see the candidates answers to our questionnaires.

City Auditor:
Candidates were Steve Levine and Jennifer Li Wong.
Ballot Results: No endorsement. Both Candidates had strong support, so no neither candidate could achieve the 60% threshold for endorsement.

City Council District 1: 
Candidates were Mary Behm-SteinbergRashi KesarwaniMargo Schueler and Igor Tregub.
Ballot Results: Igor Tregub Endorsed.

City Council District 4: 
Kate Harrison was the only candidate who requested our endorsement.
Ballot Results: Kate Harrison Endorsed.

City Council District 7:
No candidates requested endorsement at this time. Rigel Robinson, Cassandra King and Kriss Worthington decided to wait until the fall to ask for our endorsement. We expect to hold a meeting after Labor Day to discuss measures, propositions and unresolved candidate races.

City Council District 8: 
Candidates were Mary Kay LaceyAlfred Twu and Russ Tilleman
Ballot Results: Mary Kay Lacey Endorsed.

Photos above by Christine Schwartz


Join Berkeley Citizens Action & Berkeley Progressive Alliance for a Candidate Endorsement Meeting for City Council Districts 1, 4, 7 and 8, and City Auditor

Date and Time: Sunday April 29, 2-5 pm (Registration begins at 1:30 pm)

Location: North Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst Avenue

Help us choose our slate of progressive candidates for 2018. Candidates who have submitted their questionnaires and will be on the ballot are listed below. Click on their link to read their questionnaire.

City Auditor: Pamela BoyleSteve LevineJennifer Wong

City Council District 1: Rashi KesarwaniMargo SchuelerIgor Tregub & Mary Behm-Steinberg

City Council District 4: Kate Harrison

City Council District 7: Cassandra King

City Council District 8: Mary Kay LaceyAlfred TwuRuss Tilleman

This event is open to all. Members of BCA or BPA will be able to vote for endorsements. Past members may pay current dues (by check or cash) in advance or at the door. Please renew membership in advance to avoid lines during registration. No one turned away for lack of funds.

BCA: Membership is $35 yearly, $10 low income. To renew membership online:

BPA: Membership is $25 a year, or $10 for low income and students, $50 for sustainers. To renew membership online:

Questions? E-mail: or

8 Candidates plan to attend the joint BCA-BPA Endorsement Meeting

What: Join BCA and BPA members to meet city candidates for council and auditor

When: Sunday, April 29, 2 to 5:30 p.m., Registration begins at 1:30 p.m.

Where: North Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst St (at Martin Luther King Jr. Way)

The following candidates have accepted our invitation to seek our endorsement:

City Auditor: Pamela Boyle, Steve Levine

City Council District 1: Cecily Brewster, Rashi Kersawani, Margo Schueler, Igor Tregub

City Council District 4: Kate Harrison

City Council District 7: Rigel Robinson

City Council District 8: Mary Kay Lacey, Alfred Twu

Candidates who return our questionnaires by April 19 will be listed on our endorsement ballots. Questionnaires will be posted on the BCA and BPA Web sites shortly after April 19.

Who can vote: You must be a member in good standing of either BCA or BPA to receive a ballot and vote at the April 29th meeting. If you have ever been a member of BCA, you may renew your membership before or at the April 29th meeting and will be able to vote. Annual dues are $35; $10 for low income and students. You can renew your membership online: ( We encourage members to renew before the meeting, if possible, to speed up the registration process on April 29th.

E-mail:, Web site:

Elect Jovanka Beckles, Progressive Candidate for Assembly – Get Yard & Window Signs now!

jovanka at ad 15 forumLet’s make Jovanka’s campaign more visible.  To get a sign: email with your address & phone number. Tell us whether you want a yard or a window sign and any special instructions for delivering it.

Jovanka is Vice Mayor of Richmond and active with the Richmond Progressive Alliance. She’s worked to pass a new Rent Control ordinance there and secured strong environmental protections against major polluter Chevron, while the company spent $3 million to defeat her.  The Berkeley Progressive Alliance, Berkeley Citizens Action and Berkeley Tenants Union have joined other East Bay progressives in endorsing this strong advocate.

Other Ways You Can Help

Donate to her campaign
Volunteer to Walk, Make Phone Calls, Host a House Party
Help Get Signs Out in Berkeley:
Learn More about Jovanka

Endorsement Meeting Results

About 115 members of Berkeley Citizens Action, Berkeley Tenants Union and Berkeley progressive Alliance along with candidate supporters came to hear Candidates for District Attorney and Assembly District 15.

About 115 members of Berkeley Citizens Action, Berkeley Tenants Union and Berkeley progressive Alliance along with candidate supporters came to hear Candidates for District Attorney and Assembly District 15.

Alameda County District Attorney: Pamela Price won the endorsement for District Attorney

Total valid votes: 65
Pamela Price: 52 votes 80%
Nancy O’Malley: 8 votes 12%
No endorsement: 5 votes 7%
(Doesn’t total to 100% because of rounding)

California Assembly District 15: Jovanka Beckles won the endorsement for Assembly District 15, in the 2nd round of ranked choice voting

Total valid votes: 74

Results for first choice count:

Jovanka Beckles: 44 votes 59%
Ben Bartlett: 9 votes 12%
Dan Kalb: 7 votes 9%
Andy Katz: 5 votes 7%
Judy Appel: 4 votes 5%
Rochelle Pardue-O 3 votes 4%
Owen Poindexter 2 votes 3%
Buffy Wicks no votes (Her child was taken to the hospital so she was not able to attend)
Cheryl Sudduth no votes
No endorsement: no votes
(Doesn’t total to 100% because of rounding)

When the second choice votes of Owen Poindexter’s 2 first choice voters were counted, Jovanka Beckles picked up the additional vote that she needed to reach 60%. Counting of votes stopped at that point. Poindexter was dropped first and his second choice votes were counted first because he had the lowest number of votes. Beckles certainly had additional second choice votes that she didn’t need.

Head counts suggest that about 115 people attended including candidates and those of their supporters who were not members of any of the sponsoring groups.


Candidate Endorsement Meeting for Assembly District 15 and District Attorney, Feb 11, 1:40-5:30pm

Sponsored by Berkeley Citizens Action, Berkeley Progressive Alliance & Berkeley Tenants Union at the South Berkeley Senior Center, 2939 Ellis St, Berkeley.

All nine AD15 candidates returned our questionnaires, as did the incumbent and challenger for district attorney, as they all seek our endorsements in their campaigns to represent Berkeley in the California State Assembly. Our questionnaire asked their positions on affordable housing,  Costa-Hawkins, single payer health care, affordable education, fracking, high speed rail and other issues. Click here to read the candidates’ responses to our questionnaire.

Meet all nine AD-15 candidates and District Attorney candidates Pamela Price and Nancy O’Malley. Hear their responses to your questions and decide which to endorse. The nine AD 15 candidates are: Judy Appel, Ben Bartlett, Jovanka Beckles, Dan Kalb, Andy Katz, Rochelle Pardue Okimoto, Owen Poindexter, Cheryl Sudduth, and Buffy Wicks. 

Please renew your membership so you can vote to endorse candidates. Anyone who has ever been a member of BCA may vote if they renew their membership by paying current dues. Dues are $35 or $10 low income or student. You may renew at the meeting but we strongly suggest that you renew in advance to speed up the sign-in process at the event. Click here to renew online.

Background: In the June 5 Primary, voters may vote for only one of these nine AD15 candidates.The top two vote getters in the Primary will face each other in the November 6 General Election. The victor will represent us in the California Assembly, holding the seat currently held by Tony Thurmond, who is running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.


Update on Assembly District 15 and District Attorney Endorsement Forum; Read Candidate Questionnaires

These Ten Candidates have submitted questionnaires about their candidacy and will speak at the February 11th Endorsement Meeting. Join us on Sunday, February 11th at the South Berkeley Senior Center, 2939 Ellis Street. Registration for the event begins at 1:40 pm, presentations start at 2 pm.

To vote in the endorsement meeting you must be a member of Berkeley Citizens Action, Berkeley Progressive Alliance,  or Berkeley Tenants Union. Each group will have membership lists at the registration tables at the event. Members can bring dues current there. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

All candidates who are registered with the State or requested consideration were sent our questionnaire. Do Candidates support our Progressive Agenda? Below you may click on candidates’ names to access their full responses, in pdf format. Pamela Price’s responses were replaced with an updated version at 2:30 pm on 1/28/18 at her office’s request. Nancy O’Malley has responded and will attend. Her questionnaire is posted below as well.

AD 15:  Andy Katz    Ben Bartlett     Owen Poindexter    Judy Appel   Buffy Wicks   Cheryl Sudduth   Dan Kalb   Jovanka Beckles   Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto

District Attorney:  Pamela Price   Nancy O’Malley

Join Tenants Together to work for real rent control in Berkeley

Thursday, January 11 at 8 AM – 12 PM at the California State Capitol, 1315 10th Street in Sacramento

Victory! A first vote on the bill to to repeal the state restriction on rent control – the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act – AB1506 – is scheduled! This was hard fought. Housing justice groups across the state have been pressuring Housing committee chair Assemblymember Chiu, lead author Assemblymember Bloom, and Assembly Speaker Rendon to bring this to a vote. Huge props to Bay Area based groups San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition, Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco, Tenants Together, San Francisco Tenants Union and others for bringing our demand to the doorstep of Assembly member Chiu.

Meet us in Sacramento at the state capitol on Wednesday January 11th at 8:30am in State Capitol, Room 4202 at the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee meeting. It’s important to get their before early so we can get seats in the hearing room. Stay tuned for lobby days prior to the vote!

#RepealCostaHawkins for real #RentControlNow!

Go to their Facebook page to sign up.
What: Public Hearing on AB1506 Costa Hawkins Repeal Bill
When: Thurs Jan 11, 9am-12pm (GET THERE EARLY 8am!)
Where: State Capitol, Thursday, Room 4202 Sacramento, CA

Save the Date – Endorsement Meeting for Assembly Dist. 15 & District Attorney

Endorsement Meeting for Assembly District 15 and County District Attorney
South Berkeley Senior Center, 2939 Ellis Street, at Ashby.
Sunday February 11, 2018, 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Berkeley Citizens Action, Berkeley Progressive Alliance and the Berkeley Tenants Union are co-sponsoring a meeting on Sunday February 11 to endorse candidates for Assembly District 15 for the June 2018 Primary.

Endorsement Meeting for candidates for California Assembly District 15. This district includes all of Berkeley, and is currently represented by Tony Thurmond, who is not seeking re-election. We will also be considering endorsement of a candidate for Alameda County District Attorney. We have a questionnaire for candidates and we will post their responses online prior to February’s meeting.

Who Can Vote: To vote on the endorsement of candidates, you must be a member in good standing of at least one of the sponsoring organizations.

BCA members must pay current dues to receive ballots. Dues are $35 regular membership, $10 low income/seniors. Anyone who is already a member may renew their membership at any time prior to the meeting and may pay their 2018 dues when they sign in.

How To Join BCA: You may sign up here. After entering your information you will be directed to the page to make online payment, Checks may also be sent to our mailing address. Questions, please contact us at

Candidates for AD-15:
Judy Appel,
Ben Bartlett,
Jovanka Beckles
Dan Kalb,
Andy Katz,
Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto,
Owen Poindexter,
Cheryl Sudduth,
Buffy Wicks,

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