November Election Endorsement Newsletter

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The endorsements listed in this newsletter were selected by BCA membership at the Election Forum held on September 21st. The Rent Board slate that is selected at the Summer Berkeley Tenants Union Convention is automatically endorsed by BCA.

For endorsed candidates you will find links to their websites. For measures and propositions you will find the position taken by the BCA membership followed by a short description.

There are two versions of the newsletter, one meant for viewing on the web with color and links. there is a print version as well, in black ink only.


Candidate’s Responses to Questions from BCA and BTU

Before our Forum, BCA and BTU wrote some probing questions for our candidates. The candidates put good faith effort into the responses, which are very informative. Click the links below (on the Berkeley Tenant Union Website) to download and read:

BCA Endorsement Results

BCA Endorsements 2014

November 2014 Election Endorsements: These Endorsements were made at the Election Forum held September 21st by the BCA membership. Thank you to all who came out to discuss the issues and make the decision on candidates, measures and propositions which best met our values as Berkeley progressives. Please support these candidates and measures.

Congress, CD 13:               Barbara Lee

State Assembly, AD 15:    Tony Thurmond


City Candidates

Auditor:                            Ann Marie Hogan

City Council District 1:      Alejandro Soto-Vigil

City Council District 4:      Jesse Arreguín

City Council District 7:      Kriss Worthington

City Council District 8:      Jacquelyn McCormick

Rent Board Slate:              Jesse Townley, Kathy Harr, John Selawsky, Paola Laverde-Levine, James Chang

School Board Director:      Karen Hemphill, Ty Alper, Josh Daniels


City Measures

D-Berkeley Versus Big Soda (Soda Tax):          YES

F-Parks Tax:                                           YES

O-Recall Provisions:                                YES

P-End Corporate Personhood:                 YES

Q-OK to ask for Part-Time Work:             YES

R-Green Downtown:                                YES

S-Redistricting:                                       NO


Alameda County

Measure BB                                           YES


State Propositions

1 Water Bond:                                        No Endorsement

2 Rainy Day Fund:                                 No Endorsement

45 Health Care Insurance Regulation:  YES

46 Drug Testing of Doctors:                  NO

47 Safe Neighborhoods and Schools,

Reduce Non-Violent Crimes:            YES

48 Indian Gaming:                                 No Endorsement

Event Flyer

BCA Fall Forum Flyer 2 up

Please share our event flyer, which prints 2 up on a page. Back side shows the recommendations of the BCA steering committee for selected candidates and measures.

Time has been extended a bit for the forum. Candidates and folks speaking about measures will be speaking from 3:30 to 6 and then BCA and BTU members will stay to vote on their respective candidates. We’ll have the final hour til 7 to clean up and count the vote.

2014 November Election Forum

Sunday, Sept. 21, 3:30-6:00pm, at the Fellowship Hall of Berkeley Unitarian Universalists, at 1924 Cedar St.


Presented by Berkeley Citizens ActionBerkeley Tenants Union, and the Social Justice Committee of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists.

Meet your candidates in the November 2014 Election. Supporters and opponents of local measures will discuss their positions. Hear their ideas! Ask Questions! Demand Answers! All are welcome to attend.

Note: After the speeches and discussion, registered, current BCA and BTU members will remain to vote on their respective endorsements for progressive candidates and measures.

Please share with your email contacts of progressive voters in Berkeley. Click the link at the end of this sentence to download and share the flyer for the event. Sept 21 Forum Flyer



BCA August Newsletter

Final BCA Newsletter August 2014

Please download and read our latest newsletter

Save the Date of our Fall Election Forum: Sunday September 21, 3:30-5:30 at the Fellowship Hall, 1924 Cedar Street at Bonita

Review the list of candidates who have been invited to participate in the forum

Check out the measures and propositions on the November Ballot



June 2014 Election Newsletter

June 2014 Election Newsletter

In this issue
  • Candidate Forum Thursday May 22 and Election Info
  • Green Downtown and Public commons Initiative
  • Redistricting Update
  • Housing Advisory Commission Update
  • Membership renewal time: please update your membership, send in your dues to fund the November election campaign.

Help us get away from print newsletters. Please share with your friends and family by email and have them subscribe to the email edition by sending a request to

BCA Spring Forum on Fair Elections

Berkeley is in the process of redistricting city council seats. In 2014, two progressive councilmembers, Kriss Worthington and Jesse Arreguin, will be up for election and will be running in newly defined districts.

Proposals for new district lines, which would create districts of equal size, were accepted through March 15th and made public Thursday, April 25, through City Clerk’s office and website. On Monday, April 29 at 6 pm, the community can hear about the proposals at the North Berkeley Senior Center. The matter then goes to council for public hearings, on May 7 and July 2.

We ask you to also join BCA members to discuss redistricting and another option… proportional representation.

Join BCA for a Forum to discuss Fair Representation for City Council Elections
Sunday May 19, 1-3 pm at Redwood Gardens Community Room, 2951 Derby Street

Redwood Gardens is located on the Clark Kerr Campus at Derby and Claremont. It’s pretty easy to get to there by public transportation on the 49A and 49B bus schedules………… depending on the direction you travel. Ask the driver to let you off at Derby and Claremont. There’s a green awning with steps. Go up the steps and to your right. Doors to the Community Room will be open.

People needing disabled accessibility……ask the driver to let you off a few yards up the street from the green awning [he/she is supposed to honor that request]. Go through the gate. Left on sidewalk path to end of the building. Turn right. Doors to the Community Room will be open.

BCA Measures and Propositions Endorsement Results

Measure result
Berkeley Measures
Measure M – Repair Streets and Watershed YES
Measure N – Rebuild Willard and Warm Pools YES
Measure O – Maintain and Operate New Pools YES
Measure P – Continue to fund Parks, Libraries & Emerg. Svcs YES
Measure Q – Utility Users Tax YES
Measure R – Redistricting NO
Measure S – Sit/Lie NO
Measure T – West Berkeley Plan NO
Measure U – Sunshine Ordinance NO
Measure V – FACTS Initiative YES
Alameda County Measures
Measure A1 – Oakland Zoo NO ENDORSEMENT
Measure B1 – Transportation Sales Tax YES
State Propositions 
Proposition 30 –  Jerry Brown’s Tax Increase YES
Proposition 31 –  Austerity Budget NO
Proposition 32 –  Censors Unions & Workers NO
Proposition 33 –  Auto Insurance Scam NO
Proposition 34 –  End the Death Penalty YES
Proposition 35 –  Attempts to Control Human Trafficking & Sex Slavery NO ENDORSEMENT
Proposition 36 –  Revises “Three Strikes” Law YES
Proposition 37 –  Mandatory Label (GMO) Genetically Engineered Foods YES
Proposition 38 –  Molly Munger’s State Income Tax NO
Proposition 39 –  Income Tax Increase for Multistate Businesses YES
Proposition 40 –  Referendum on State Senate Redistricting Plan YES

Announcement for BCA Measures and Endorsement Meeting

BCA Measures and Propositions Meeting
Sunday, September 30, 1:30, voting by 4 pm.
North Berkeley Senior Center
1901 Hearst Avenue, Berkeley, California 94709
View Map • Get Directions

Berkeley Citizens Action has played a unique and essential role in progressive politics for the past 45+ years. There are many important items on the ballot. This is your opportunity to find out more about the implications and impacts of the proposed legislation.

Join us to discuss the measures and propositions on the ballot and vote for the legislation that BCA will endorse.

All are welcome to attend. Must be a paid 2012 member to vote, membership payment accepted at the door, $35, $10 low income.