About Us

Since it was founded in 1974, Berkeley Citizens’ Action has worked to create an inclusive, just, and compassionate community. Our goal today is to protect and build upon what is valuable, historic and wonderful about Berkeley’s past as a progressive city and to ensure that we will remain a model for the rest of the country in such areas as the environment, livable wages, affordable housing, social justice, diversity, and nonviolence. BCA currently focuses on helping voters understand the issues, getting out the vote, helping progressive candidates get elected and progressive measures get passed, and working to defeat measures that would increase intolerance, injustice, and inequality.

While some Berkeley residents may remember BCA as aligning with the City Council on most issues, BCA’s role has changed as the City Council has become increasingly conservative. Berkeley still has a reputation for being a progressive, innovative city, but it is facing many challenges, including skyrocketing housing costs, growing income inequality and homelessness, and a police force that wants to become increasingly militarized. Unfortunately the current City Council majority tends to make decisions that favor developers, big business, and UC Berkeley’s administration rather than the people who actually live here.

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