Dear BCA Supporters

We are seeking your continuing support for Berkeley Citizens Action. BCA has played a unique and essential role in progressive politics for the past 45 years. We stand in solidarity with the new surge for democracy in the Middle East and North Africa as well as the militancy evidenced by public sector workers in Wisconsin. We need your support to carry on efforts like these in Berkeley!

As we informed you last July, BCA has set the following goal: to build a coalition broad enough to recruit, select, and support progressive candidates for local office by the year 2012.

To that end, we made endorsements for the November election, helping to ensure the continuation of progressive voices on our City Council, to elect a School Board that addresses the needs of all Berkeley’s children and to prevent a Republican presence in statewide office.

In January, in efforts to reach out to likeminded Berkeleyans, we held a forum on what the proposed state budget could mean for all of us, and endorsed an approach to enable the state to protect its safety net for the most vulnerable among us, not decimate it in the name of balancing the budget.

Your help is needed to help us reach our goal in the following way:

  • Renewing your membership dues (see below);
  • Committing to assist in the necessary efforts to reach this goal: we need members who can help us NOW.

Minutes of the January meeting are enclosed; please see the exciting proposals we adopted. Please consider joining the Steering Committee or committing some time to help us in the important work that these times require. Call our message machine at (510) 549-0816 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Join or renew your membership here.

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