BCA Endorsements: September 2010


Berkeley Citizens Action Endorsements
September 26, 2010

City Offices
Ann Marie Hogan
City Council District 1
No Endorsement
City Council District 4
Jesse Arreguin
School Board
Karen Hemphill
Julie Holcomb
Leah Wilson
City Council District 7
Kriss Worthington
City Council District 8
Stewart Jones
Rent Stabilization Board
Dave Blake, Asa Dodsworth, Katherine Harr, Lisa Stephens, Jesse Townley, Pam Webster
City and County Measures
YES on Measure H – School Facilities Safety and Maintenance (Parcel Tax)
YES on Measure I – School Facilities Safety and Maintenance (Bonds)
NO on Measure R – Downtown Plan
YES on Measure S – Cannabis Tax
YES on Measure T -Cannabis Collectives
YES on Alameda County Measure F – Local Vehicle License Fee
Federal, State and Regional Offices
Jerry Brown
Lt. Governor
Gavin Newsom
Secretary of State
Debra Bowen
John Chiang
Bill Lockyer
Attorney General
Kamala Harris
Insurance Commissioner
Dave Jones
Board of Equalization, District 1
Betty Yee
East Bay MUD, Ward 4
Andy Katz
U.S. Senator
Barbara Boxer
U.S. Representative, District 9
Barbara Lee
State Assembly, District 14
No Endorsement
Supt. of Public Instruction
No Endorsement
Sup. Court Judge, Seat 9
Victoria Kolakowski
State Propositions
YES on Prop 19 – Changes California Law to Legalize Marijuana and Allow It to Be Regulated and Taxed
NO on Prop 20 – Redistricting of Congressional Districts
YES on Prop 21 – Establishes $18 Annual Vehicle License Surcharge to Help Fund State Parks
YES on Prop 22 – Prohibits the State from Taking Funds Used for Transportation or Local Government Projects and Services (Constitutional Amendment)
NO on Prop 23 – Suspends Air Pollution Control Laws Until Unemployment Drops Below Specified Level
YES on Prop 24 – Repeals Recent Legislation That Would Allow Businesses to Carry Back Losses, Share Tax Credits, and Use a Sales-Based Income Calculation to Lower Taxable Income
YES on Prop 25 – Changes Legislative Vote Requirement to Pass a Budget from Two-Thirds to a Simple Majority. Retains Two-Thirds Vote Requirement for Taxes (Constitutional Amendment)
NO on Prop 26 – Increases Legislative Vote Requirement to Two-Thirds for State Levies and Charges. (Constitutional Amendment)
YES on Prop 27 – Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting (Constitutional Amendment)

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